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Why Mobile Refrigeration is Important for Festival Season

By April 19, 2022No Comments
mobile refrigeration

Being in the trailer industry, your fleet ends up serving all kinds of businesses from pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic agencies, grocery stores, and many more. Mobile refrigeration units are key to making special events a reality. With Coachella around the corner, one of the most overlooked aspects is the importance of food and beverage distribution. Averaging 250,000 people a year, Coachella vendors have to deal with the high demand of providing fresh produce while battling the summer heat. Here’s how having full control over your trailer’s climate can aid in your business’s next venture.

Storage Capacity

Whether choosing a refrigerated trailer or van, storage capacity matters when catering a massive event. Supplying thousands of customers can be challenging and with a wide variety of mobile refrigeration options, it’s difficult to choose. Reefer trailers offer a wide range of features dedicated to keeping your products fresh, providing more than extra space. One of the most helpful features is the ability to have three divided areas of separated temperature zones in a single trailer. Which allows you to store multiple products in one fully customizable storage unit, even if they all require a specific type of climate.

Mobile Refrigeration Rental

Renting from a full-service company usually entails some form of roadside assistance should anything happen while trucking. Giving the customer peace of mind, not having to worry about any type of maintenance or – insurance. Mobile refrigeration rentals are ideal when businesses see seasonal increases, helping meet immediate needs and ever-growing demand. Although some small businesses may not need the long-term use of a mobile refrigeration unit. This is why being able to rent just in time for festival season is more reasonable than paying the full price of buying or leasing a reefer trailer.

Providing Essentials 

When dealing with climate specific products relying on a third party truck delivery service can pose a risk. Federal regulations play a big role when it comes to catering in any circumstance, especially when dealing with huge crowds. Keeping your customer base happy while preventing the waste of spoiled produce, aids in your growth as a business. Our Thermo King reefer units give you full control of your trailer’s climate, allowing you to oversee the delivery process from start to finish. Without mobile refrigeration things such as temperature kept pharmaceuticals, food distribution, and catered events would be nonexistent. Assisting all types of businesses helping our economy, the environment, and the delivery of essentials to companies across the nation.

With the constant need of fresh produce demanded around the world, mobile refrigeration units will always have a market. Even during the global pandemic the high demand for all types of mobile refrigeration have been upheld. Renting/Leasing a trailer for your existing fleet whether it be a single or multi-temperature unit will always prove beneficial for companies that deliver produce or cater events. Providing 24/7 mobile repair, Sonsray Rental & Leasing is a leader in climate controlled storage applications and we take pride in keeping our customer on the road.